Little Misfortune (Killmonday Games; PC, mobile and consoles; 2019/2020)

Box Art In Game

Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez, a cute 8-year-old girl, loves to tell the world she is “a little Miss”. Little Misfortune is more than a wordplay on the story of the child. It’s a lovely, funny and sad little adventure game. All at the same time. It’s about a child’s sense of wonder and about the loss of innocence.

Although short (I finished it around 3 hours), it’s rewarding. No need to make it longer just for the sake of it. The Artwork is beautiful and strengthens the story. While the price is steep for an indie game, it’s certainly worth it (or just wish-list it and wait for the cyclical Steam sales).

While the game is not marked as “Steam Deck Verified” (just “Playable”), I played the game without any issues on the device.